Cute Picture of Kaelum

When you hold a baby near to your face all the time you kind of loose track on how small he really is.   My wife is the one that took this picture so I have to give credit to her.  Kaelum is just so TINY, I couldn’t help but send this picture. You can see […]

Chesnye’s Blog Just a hi to Chesnye’s Blog.

Merry Christmas

No, not Happy Holidays.   MERRY Freakn’ Christmas.  However it seems that it’s a bit funny cause Holiday means Holy Day.   Just silly.

Hosting Provider

Bluehost and Hostmonster both provide exceptional services and customer support.

Embarassing Moment

I just had a random recollection of one of my most embarrassing moments. I was in college and was trying to date a girl from my physics class. I had ridden my bike to campus and physics was our last class of the day. I decided to try and earn brownie points and walk her […]

My Almost Scam with

I was in the market for a Waterproof Digital Camera that my wife and I could take on our vacation to Hawaii at the end of August.  I came across  I found the page from a google search for Olympus 1030 SW.  This was the URL for the Ad: They had a 5 […]