PFX (p12) Certificate Conversion

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What is a PFX CertificatePKCS #12 is one of the family of standards called Public-Key Cryptography Standards (PKCS), published by RSA Laboratories. It defines a file format commonly used to store X.509 private keys with accompanying public key certificates, protected with a password-based symmetric key PFX Certificate?In practice .pfx is just another file extension for a PKCS#12 or .p12 type certificate.Convert PFX to PEMThis command will convert a pfx certificate to a X509 pem encoded certificate. The use of the -nodes flag will give the option to password protect the private key in the new pem encoded certificate. For information on converting pem to der encoded certificates.Export ALL: Public Certificates, Private Keys, and CA Chain as single certificateEncrypt private key with a password[crayon-5bcf62d748442429847905/]Do not encrypt private key[crayon-5bcf62d748448650391619/]Export Public Certificate from…
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DER vs. CRT vs. CER vs. PEM Certificates

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Certificates and Encodings At its core an X.509 certificate is a digital document that has been encoded and/or digitally signed according to RFC 5280. In fact, the term X.509 certificate usually refers to the IETF's PKIX Certificate and CRL Profile of the X.509 v3 certificate standard, as specified in RFC 5280, commonly referred to as PKIX for Public Key Infrastructure (X.509). X509 File Extensions The first thing we have to understand is what each type of file extension is.   There is a lot of confusion about what DER, PEM, CRT, and CER are and many have incorrectly said that they are all interchangeable.  While in certain cases some can be interchanged the best practice is to identify how your certificate is encoded and then label it correctly.  Correctly labeled certificates…
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