Name that sound.

        Name That Sound   Variation on a game by a similar title.

scp: ambiguous target

I was attempting to secure copy a file over a remote server and I encountered the following error: $ scp file.txt user@ip_address:”/file path/” scp: ambiguous target So after some trial and error I discovered the problem was the space ” ” in the path to which I was attempting to copy the file to. I […]

Operation: Love ReUnited

OpLove Pre-Deployment & Deployment sessions help you say goodbye and cope with being away. Anyone who has had to see their husband or wife, son, daughter, sister or brother off to war knows how hard it is to watch them walk away from you.

NXServer and Lastlog

Howto fix nxserver not updating the lastlog database when user’s login via the nxclient.

eDirectory Photo Attributes

** This post is pretty incomplete, I gave up on it.   But there is enough info here that may be usefull** eDirectory has several attributes for photos, here are the raw schema attributes from an eDirectory install from iMonitor.  An interesting note is that ldapPhoto and photo have the same OID.  Because the syntax is […]

Truly Great Regex Tool

  • October 27, 2010
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I came across a regular expression builder that had me deleting all of my bookmarks for other builders. It is amazingly complete for everything I’ve ever needed in the world of regex.


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