Embarassing Moment

I just had a random recollection of one of my most embarrassing moments.

I was in college and was trying to date a girl from my physics class. I had ridden my bike to campus and physics was our last class of the day. I decided to try and earn brownie points and walk her home. We both walked and had a good time chatting all the way to her apartment. I waked her to her door and said I’d call her later.

Her window overlooked the parking lot where I had parked my bike. I knew she was watching me so I tried to show off by jumping the curb. I missed and crashed right into the curb. I had my laptop in my backpack and was worried about breaking it so I twisted as to not land on my back. The result was me landing on my face. All while this girl was watching.

I picked up my bike an broken pride and went home. We never really dated much after that.