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Replace Google Fiber box with Ubiquity ERPoe‑5
November 15, 2016
Add Certificate to JAVA keystore (cacerts)
March 19, 2014
Requirements: Have keytool installed (Installed as a part of the jre) Have your certificate local (either pem or der format) Know where your keystore is [crayon-5beb2b23a1a4a91874...
Add SDK to SLES without YaST
January 9, 2014
Add "Pool" Repository zypper ar -t rpm-md <<URL>> zypper in -t product sle-sdk suse-register zypper refs zypper lr
Developing a Windows 7 SP1 Image
January 12, 2013
Step 1 - Software Needed Get a Windows 7 SP1 installation media. For this article I'll be using a Windows 7 SP1 Enterprise 32 bit version of Windows. The Windows® Automated Installation Kit
How to Extract an RPM Without Installing
March 14, 2011
Command to Extract, unbuild, or open an RPM to a local directory without installing.
eDirectory Photo Attributes
January 10, 2011
** This post is pretty incomplete, I gave up on it.   But there is enough info here that may be usefull** eDirectory has several attributes for photos, here are the raw schema attributes fr