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I’ve been trying for some time now to get wordpress to integrate more tightly with Facebook and Twitter.   The Few times I’ve tried this before has provided sub optimal results.   Right now it’s all working using two different plugins that seem to give me more functionality than I really need.

For Twitter i’m using this enables me to post to twitter, and for tracking.

The facebook plugin I’m using is much more complicated than just posting to my wall.  It has a much tighter integration with FB.  In fact you have to go get a developer’s key to get this to work.  The name of this plugin is WPBook.  This plugin really embeds WordPress into the facebook canvas.

I hope to be able to share my blog more.  I’ve seen how much my wife loves blogging.  I hope that I can contribute something more useful than m my usual ramblings of an idiot.

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  1. Hey Mark, Matt from the ASC here.

    Yeah, I really like a good bit of integration.. whats the point of having a blog if no one reads it ya know? I always blogged on MySpace, Xanga, Livejournal, whatever the flavor of the month was. Never had any readers, because there was no real way to get it out there. However, with Twitter and Facebook, the following of family and stuff, is so advanced and amazing that we can literally say… Hey family and friends! Come check this out! every single time we post something. While it comes off as annoying to some, whatever, they can unfollow me 🙂

    At what I did was added a Twitter integration, allows me to show my recent tweets in a widget on the site, but also posts to twitter whenever I make a new blog post. Then within Facebook itself, I added the Twitter app and I have it pull my new tweets as my status message in Facebook. While its different than your approach, its actually pretty cool.

    What benefits are there to having WPBook? You mention a larger integration, Id be interested in your experiences with it.

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